Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The cut-off for entering school is September 1st. Carter missed it by a couple days. Both David and I decided before he was born that we would not put him in if he was born before the cut-off. Boys just don't seem to be ready in maturity. 

That being said, I was not planning on putting him in a preschool program with the other kids born the same year he was. I figured it wasn't fair to him to be the only one who didn't move up to Kindergarten.

One of the ladies that watched Carter while I worked started a co-op preschool program at church. It has continued on after she moved through a good friend of mine (David has known her since elementary school or junior high). Her third child, Lily, was born a couple months before Carter was, and she invited us to join.

Carter was SOOOOOO excited to join the program. There are 5 kids in the class. Carter is the only boy.

This is Carter doing his homework on the first day:

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