Friday, November 2, 2012

The best part about being a dad

Last year I found an event called Touch-A-Truck. The county brings all their vehicles out to be explored. The police department, SWAT team, fire department, animal control, garbage company, bus system, ground maintenance, construction companies, and trucking companies are all represented. Kids and adults get to climb in all the vehicles and push all the buttons.

We all had so much fun had so much fun!! They gave out coloring books, candy, stickers, badges, hats, and all sorts of other goodies.

This was a bus that David and Carter explored for quite a while:


Carter sat in the front AND the back of the police car:

And I think he was THE ONLY kid that wore the SWAT helmet. We got special permission from the SWAT leader to wear his helmet. Which inspired his Halloween costume.

We didn't think he'd want to try this, but he did. He made it about 2 more steps before he insisted David go with him:

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