Sunday, January 13, 2013


I forgot to post about the food. I love the food around Christmas time. It is all so yummy. I feel bad that Carter cannot partake in a lot of the yumminess. He doesn't seem to mind - maybe it is the picky toddler/preschooler stage that all kids go through.

For example, just yesterday he was saying how much he liked avocado and how he wanted some on his lunch. So, we got some avocado out and went to put it on his lunch and he FREAKED OUT. He didn't want it anywhere near him because Avocados are yucky!! It is the age he's at.

Anyways, the food. 

My mother sent some super yummy peanut butter cookies that were gluten-free for Carter (I probably ate more than he did while he wasn't looking). It was his favorite cookie she has made so far. However, he was asking for some with candy corn on them after he ate them all.

For Christmas lunch, David's mother made Carter his very own gluten-free dairy-free version of the quiche that she made for all of us. I think he ate more olives than any other part, even though he could not put them on his fingers. She also put some Gluten-free cookies in his stocking that he is just now remembering he has. Yum Yum.

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