Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I have a TON of clothes from Carter when he was small. We are rapidly passing the time that they will be useful. I am lacking in time to take pictures of all of them on Beckett before he grows out of them.

I wanted to take pictures of these cute little vest outfits, as he will never wear them to church. It will be another month before we will take him to church, and even then I don't think too many people will see him until flu season is OVER. It is really scary out there for a newborn right now.

(This outfit cost me $0.81 after tax.)

(A second vest that I could switch out for the fist - an additional $0.27.)

Just hanging out with dad - looks so grown up with his arm resting on David's arm. 

Thinking about what, I'm not sure.

Probably thinking about food. 

At a play date on Monday, Carter - OUT OF NOWHERE - turns to his friend's mom and says "Beckett is a boob man." I don't know where he got that, we certainly don't talk like that at home. It was so hard not to laugh. You should have seen my friend's face as she was trying not to laugh!!

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  1. Best story ever! It reminded me of one of our old neighbors. I was holding her little girl (3?) She grabbed my chest and said, "are these your bosoms?" Kids are so funny!