Sunday, January 13, 2013

Improper Dress

Carter has always been sensitive to immodesty. Last summer we were driving with the windows down and he saw a lady wearing a tube-top walking down the sidewalk. At the time, I thought the window was just blocking his view of the rest of her shirt. He yelled out that the lady didn't have any clothes on, and she needed to get dressed. He was quite upset that she would be walking out in public naked.

He doesn't like it if I come into his room in my bathrobe. He knows that I am not dressed yet, and it bothers him.

I was flipping through the coupons that came in the mail when Carter started yelling at me. "Don't look at that!" I wasn't sure what he was talking about. He saw this picture:

I asked him what and why: "That man isn't wearing any shirt or underwear!" He meant undershirt. "I don't want you to see that." 

He grabbed it and turned it upside down so I couldn't see it.

I have NO CLUE where this comes from. We haven't even had the modesty discussion in our house.  

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