Tuesday, June 17, 2014

18 months

Last Sunday Beckett turned 18 months. He is now old enough to attend Sunday School. In our church we don't have a child care area for babies. However when the little ones turn 18 months, they can begin attending the "Nursery Class". They have a lesson, a craft, a snack, music time, and some playtime. It is an awful lot like our preschool schedule. We were worried that he'd have a rough transition. There are some REALLY active kids in that class. He just started walking consistently, and it is now beginning to be his main mode of transportation. He walked later than Carter, but he has a considerably larger upper body mass to support than Carter did. Plus, with a new baby in the house - you never know how they're going to react.

However, he did great. He didn't cry at all. He walked right in and joined the fun. It helps that we have great teachers in that class right now.

This Sunday, for Father's Day, the class made their dad's ties. Beckett decorated his tie (as you can see from his shirt). It didn't show up real well on a white shirt, so David is wearing a black shirt to show the contrast. They had a little ribbon taped to the back of the "tie" so it would stay around dad's neck.

Beckett wants to do everything his brother does. That includes balls. He is not as into balls as Carter, but if Carter is doing it, so is Beckett.

He has a new "cheese" face. I pull out the camera, and he does this:

 You know that sound when a toddler is getting into something they shouldn't? Yeah, silence.

I found him hunched over my tablet yesterday. He was acting like he was sleeping on the blanket when I came in and checked on him, but really he was hiding my tablet. 

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