Sunday, June 29, 2014


This year I decided to try out Vacation Bible School with Carter. Last year, there would have been NO WAY he would have done it, but he has really opened up in the last 6 months. He went at it with open arms. 

He loved the opportunity to interact with other kids. He participated in all the games, and sung all the songs. I thought I needed to prep him for it, so I started early. I told him it was like summer camp, then I explained what summer camp was. He has been asking EVERY DAY since then.  

He is the boy in the second row - blue shirt - mouth wide open in song.

Note, I did not stay to watch. I really wanted to, mostly to see what they did so I could reinforce it at home. However, I realized that all I had to do was do an internet search for the theme. With that I got all the activities, crafts, and songs. 

This picture was taken on the last day, where parents were invited to come and hear them sing. It was pretty neat. He really got into it.

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