Sunday, June 29, 2014


This little guy helped to train 6 different Search and Rescue dogs who responded to the Oso Mudslide. 

I wanted to share so you and your baby can help in crisis like this too.

When I was pregnant, I read all about cord blood banking and how it could save your child's life some day. It was not something that we could easily pay for. However, I learned that you could donate the cord blood to your local blood bank.

Donate? What else could I donate?

With a little research, I learned about placenta donation. On the east coast, there are a couple different research facilities that use the placenta for restoration of vision.

I contacted them, but they could not take mine because we were too far away.

Then, my Google skills touched on someone who donated theirs to their local Search and Rescue group. I contacted my county's Search and Rescue team, and they were happy to take it. They use the scent to train dogs to find people in times of disaster.

When the mudslide in Oso happened, it seemed like everyone was doing something. I am a stay at home mom with 2 kids, and was very pregnant at the time. There wasn't much I felt I could do. I experienced great sorrow for the families and the victims, and pain that I could not help.

My heart has healed a little today when I got an email from the dog trainer updating me on how my donation had an impact on their effort.

Please consider donating your cord blood and/or your placenta when you have a baby. It really does go to a good cause.

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  1. They use cord blood for stem cell transplants at Fred hutch.