Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fire Men and Fire Stations

I love this video because of how excited he is, and for the fact that after he knows it is a firetruck, the first thing he says is that he needs pictures! I think he sees me with my camera too much.

While I was in Arizona Carter and I visited with a friend of mine who is now a Firefighter. Carter was in awe of him. He did not want to wear the hat - but as soon as we got home, his yellow CAT construction hat was now called a "fire hat".

Erik's house was fun because he got water in a big boy cup:

Which he spilled 6 times!! Twice on me. AND because Erik put on football on the TV. Since then, EVERY TIME he sees a television he says "I wanna watch football on the TV". It is out of control. Apparently, that is the only thing you could do with a TV.

We got the opportunity to tour a real live fire station close to our house last week. David took the day off work so he could come with us. He is so excited to share these things with Carter too.

Carter will now tell you the difference between a fire truck and a ladder truck. Erik would be proud!

He got to climb in the truck, by himself, and with some buddies.

Best part - the hat.

Then, he went home and grabbed the fire man boots my mother got him when she was here. 

Still, and empty fire truck toddler bed, but we're working on that. 

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