Thursday, November 3, 2011


Carter was a mechanic for Halloween. Or as a lady from church pointed out - he was daddy.

He decided to put his mechanic skills to work fixing his bubble mower. Lydia kept saying "Noises Noises" while pointing to it. So, while she sounds like me telling David that my car is making noises, she was really a bumble bee. For the 3rd year in a row, my friend Chandra and I got the kids together and did a photo shoot for Halloween. Here are a couple good ones:

Carter saw me trying to fix Lydia's costume and he thought he would try to help.

To start off the festivities, we went to a Trunk-or-Treat at church. David dressed up this year:

This is Carter watching Daddy at church. Not so sure. He chose to hang out with me instead of Daddy this night - which is totally out of character for him. But, if you saw this man, how likely would you be to jump into his lap?

 Carter and Daddy made up and they played putt-putt golf in a set up that David built for the Trunk-or-Treat carnival.

Carter got his face painted:

And got some cotton candy with the tickets he won from playing golf. He chose it, and then threw it in the garbage. He thought it was gross. Sad.

This was his very first piece of "Canny!!!!" he got:

I got to take him around to a couple cars. I dressed up as the family coordinator. Under my list of coordinator responsibilities: I made sure we had fun places to go, costumes, and that we were there on time. David took a picture to prove that I was there:

David told me last year that he didn't want to do the Trick-or-Treat thing. He said there are so many safe places to go collect candy he wanted to try one of those. I agree. We really wanted to go to the Trunk-or-Treat at the new LeMay Auto museum, but it was on a Sunday and we don't Trick-or-Treat on Sundays.

So, in addition to the Trunk-or-Treating we did at church, we went to the mall and gathered candy there. Carter was not really into it (he even cried) . . .

until he realized that they were giving him candy. Then we were too slow.

He was melting the chocolate in his hands, so we let him stop and eat some of his spoils. He really enjoyed that. We later went to the temple - that is another post. This kid was in HEAVEN that day!!

On actual Halloween day David made the decision to take the night off work and did the Trick-or-Treating thing with some of our friends, spur of the moment kind of thing. They moved into a very friendly neighborhood - the kind where you know all your neighbors and have block parties and stuff. They get together for 4th of July, and all sorts of barbecues during the summer. We went to a lot of them and know the neighbors by name now.

Plus Carter talks constantly about his friends Andrew and Emma. Carter tells me that Daddy goes to Andrew and Emma's house during the day instead of work. Their whole family dressed up as the Flintstones. Andrew was Bam Bam, Emma was Pebbles, and mom and dad were Fred and Wilma:

This was Carter's first door:

He knocked, then opened it right up. It took three houses before he stopped opening the door on his own. It was so funny.

Carter lasted 10 houses before he saw a basketball hoop. All he wanted to do was stand under it. No coercion of candy would convince him to walk on his own. David carried him to the next house. He got his candy and tried to run back (we wanted to finish the loop of the street). David carried him to the next house where they were watching a football game. That was it. Our night was pretty much over. We drug him kicking and screaming to the car. He fought the car seat screaming "I wanna watch football on da TV!!!!!!" We consider the night a success.

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