Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Temple

 We went to the Temple on our way home from trick-or-treating at the mall. Carter saw it from the freeway and wouldn't let us drive by without stopping. He was soooooo excited.

He wanted to play in the "garden" and really enjoyed playing hide and seek with the temple.

Unknowingly, we took a lot of pictures in the same places that I took last time (August of 2010):

He is not big enough to climb this by himself!!

With my brother Jordan: 

He was worried about getting his hands wet, unlike last time:

With my sister Caroline:

We went "inside" the temple to get a drink of water in the foyer. He was soooooooo excited. He has been telling all his friends that he went in the temple just like daddy.  

It was so cool to look back on the pictures I took a year ago. He has changed so much! He was a rolly-polly little guy that never moved. He didn't crawl, he didn't go anywhere. Pictures were so much easier to take!!!

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