Monday, November 7, 2011

Grandma Time

Carter has recently begun saying everything is whatever time. It is "Daddy Time" or "Oranges Time". So, this post is about Grandma Time. On our trip to Arizona we visited with my both my parents, my grandmother, and other aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. My mother came to visit a couple weeks ago as well.

While we were at her house, she was very conscientious about what Carter could and could not eat. She knows that he cannot tolerate dairy, and was very diligent in making dairy-free dishes for him. When I told her that we were going to go back to cutting out wheat, she tried to accommodate dinner to be wheat-free. When she couldn't make it wheat-free, she made him a wheat-free meal. She always had fresh fruit ready for him.

Carter really loves his Uncle Jordan. Jordan taught him how to play Foosball:

And to ride a Razor Scooter:

We also went to the park, although it was a little miserable. My mother also wanted to take Carter to the zoo and the spray pad. However, the heat really kept us in doors.  

While my mother was here, we went to the Rain Forest Cafe twice:

They all came out and sang "Happy Birthday" to him. We got to play in the shop, and he was scared of all the animals. He really just wanted to watch football in the bar. I had to pull a chair out of the bar so he could watch from the store. Silly kid.

We went to playgroups and the park. We went to the bouncy house - where Carter cried the entire time. He was quite overwhelmed.

We also went to the farm (Where I took this picture above). They had kittens in the loft - where Carter reiterated his dislike for the "Meows". They had all of the farm animals, as well as a bouncy house, basketball courts, mini tractors:

Although, he took one look at the real tractor and he knew what he wanted:

When it was time to go he cried. But, she left him with a new mini skateboard, twistable crayons, and a Cars coloring book:

It was really nice of my mother to ask what kinds of things Carter was interested in, so she could get him a gift that he would really be able to use and enjoy. It was also nice of her to think about his dietary needs in Arizona AND while she was here. Plus the fact that she did things that Carter was interested in, really showed how much she cared about HIM. It really showed she cared about him, not just showing him off to her friends while we were in town. Although, I'm sure she wished she could do more of that. Seeing Carter have fun was all she was interested in.

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