Monday, November 28, 2011

So Creative

Carter is a pretty creative fellow. I find things all over that make me scratch my head in amazement.

I saw these guys last week. He gave them all hats and left to go play with something else:

He likes to find numbers in EVERYTHING. He has a shirt with airplanes on it. The trail they leave behind vaguely resembles a 6. He calls it his 6 shirt.

He eats the pretzels until they look like a 3 or a 6 or a 9. He is so proud of his pretzel creations.

He arranged his chairs and hats. So symmetrical:

Carter is getting HAIR!!! 

You can barely see it in this picture of static:

The above picture was taken at one of our playgroups. We also took this picture there together:

Carter likes to put something on me, and wear the same thing. These are two pictures that I have taken before. He INSISTED that I wear this hat.

His doll wore the same hat later.

We went to my aunt Darla's home a week or so ago. She is another one of Carter's "Grandma"s. Carter found this little guy. He came to me "Was he doing?" I told him the man was pointing. He asks that same question over and over again. Sometimes it drives me crazy. I always turn it around on him, which usually causes him to ask over and over again. However, this time he said "Ridin a skateboard."

I can see that.

My aunt Darla happened to have a skateboard!!! He was in heaven.

We had our friends the Webers over. They are considerably older than Carter, but he loves to play with them. They ran around playing all sorts of pretend games. He had a blast!!

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