Saturday, November 19, 2011


Carter has several "Grandma"s. Women in my life who have adopted me, and then turned around and adopted Carter as their own grandchild. This is Rocky. You may remember her from a post I made over a year ago. Her and her husband Chopper have a way with Carter. I am so sad I didn't get a picture of them together last year. However, I wasn't going to let that happen again.

Rocky was Carter's first kiss. He went to her right away and stayed in her arms the entire afternoon. Today, he was so busy, he hardly stayed anywhere for long. However, he had to visit with Grandma Rocky. We went to a birthday party for another "Grandma" - Janelle. We celebrated her 60th birthday. What fun. Her white couches sure gave me something to stress about all night!!

Carter has so many "Grandma"s that love him. I hope I don't leave anybody out. However, I want to acknowledge the "Grandma"s in his life that really try to spoil him. They truly enjoy getting down and playing with him. He has a "Grandma" Norma in Arizona (and "Grandpa" Carlos right beside her), and a "Grandma" Norma here in town, "Grandma" Douglas (Can't forget "Grandpa" Wes), Great-"Grandma" Barbara, "Grandma" Rocky (with "Grandpa" Chopper), "Grandma" Janelle (and mean old "Grandpa" Steve), "Grandma" Larsen (with "Grandpa" Larsen), "Grandma" Darla, "Grandma" Karen, "Grandma" Debi, "Grandma" Berni, "Grandma" Froisland (and "Grandpa" Froisland, also known as "Him" or "Wilson". He knows what I am talking about), and "Grandma" Bryan (Sorry, I can't call you Jennifer yet. After 18 years it is ingrained in me.). I also wanted to make special mention of "Aunt" Shalea.

It is so comforting to me to see how they show their love to him. They are always mindful of his special days, and are really excited to hear about his milestones. When they hear about an unexpected doctor's visit, they are always the first to call and check up on him (Which means so much to me). They don't all spoil him with toys or clothes, but they certainly dote on him with love and attention. When he talks, sings, or reads, it is like the whole world stops for them. He can feel their love for me, and it makes him at ease in their presence. They know that it is those special moments that they get with him when we are all together having fun where they really bond with him. I can see it when they are reading, playing, singing, dancing, and jumping with him. And I know when I ask him about (Insert Grandma's name here) and he can tell me what they did (Usually in one or two word answers. My child is smart, but he is not that good yet.). And when I can say "Do you remember when you ______ with _______?" and he answers me back - I know he bonded with them. It is hard to relive that with Carter and have those conversations when I don't even know what they did.

Thank you for being there for us.

And thank you to "Grandpa" Wes and "Grandpa" Chopper for not buying Carter that pony that you both so desperately wanted to get him.

I also wanted to mention a Grandma that I really think shows what I am talking about:

Our friends Matt & Bethany live very far from their family. It is hard, but they go to visit a couple times a year, and both grandparents fly in to visit for random weekends throughout. Grandma and grandpa get no alone time with their grandchildren, but that doesn't stop them from bonding with them because they know what is important in their relationship. Matt's mom keeps a blog which I follow. Carter and I saw her at playgroup when she was here last. It was so much fun to talk to her about everything that goes on in her grandchildren's lives. She really cares. I loved the title of her post "Things Grandmas must do when visiting". She is such a neat lady. Thank you Andrew and Emma for sharing your grandma with us for a weekend.

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