Sunday, January 1, 2012

December is a busy month!

The title explains it all. I have not been able to keep up on all the funny things that Carter says and does because I get so bogged down with the larger events I want to put up. So, here is the month of little quirks in a nutshell.

Carter and I have been working on doing a craft. We do crafts at our story times and playgroups, but he is never interested. However, we make an extra effort to include my family who are not close.

What is Blue doing, I asked. "Doing a craft!" Carter responded.

I didn't know Carter was an artist. I do not appreciate his art.

We made him clean it off.

In case you haven't seen my eraser:

I had to put a gate at the pantry. He could reach right over it. So I put it up a little higher. Well, then he crawled right under it. Grrr. 

What are the animals doing? "They are dancing". Of course, I don't know why I didn't see it before.

Big loud crash. I came out to find this. At first all he did was lay there, but by the time I got the camera out, he perked up.

All his pretzels are covering a fruit. He ate the "Banana" next.

He was hiding. It is the furthest corner of the house, and the one with them most stuff in it.

We got the opportunity to sit in a police car. He got a sticker that says "Junior Officer".

He was so excited to push the buttons and make the noises. What fun!!

This piece of ham is apparently a tie (where does he get this stuff?):

I learned the proper way to put on underwear:

What is the ducky doing Carter? He is supposed to be over the spout.

"He's watching the 6". Aren't we all?

Went to a friend's house and they had goggles. It was so hard to get them away from him when it was time to leave.

They set up tables for the kids. Carter found an opening, but no chair. He found his own chair and made due.

Blue wanted to build a tent. Steve spent the entire episode with a hammer, a screw driver, and a tool belt. Carter decided he needed a tool belt tool. Afterwards, we went to his crib to build a tent too.

He has been so helpful with his vacuum!! This was just a couple days worth of "Yucky Things" he found:

I am constantly amazed at the things he says and does. I need to make a post for some of the funny things he says. I also have some fun Davidisms that lead me to believe it is no accident that my child is the way he is.

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