Sunday, January 8, 2012

Growing Up Too Fast

The toddler bed is going great - now that David put a new lock on the front door. We haven't had any problems with going out the front door. However, last night he slept for about 5 hours before waking up. He came to our room at about midnight wanting me to put him in his crib. He would not go back in his toddler bed. He tried to climb back in the crib.

Friday my father "Pop Pops" came to visit. Carter was really excited to show him pictures that I printed out for him. We got to this picture:

We asked Carter who was in the picture and Carter said Lydia was his girlfriend!! This is the first I've heard him say that. Luckily SOMEONE was video taping this. It certainly wasn't me. I got my camera out and got it again. I merged the videos together. In between Carter was trying to explain that he takes Lydia to "The Show". Whatever that means. So, in the second part of the video he is merging his thoughts together about Lydia and "The Show":

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