Friday, January 6, 2012

My wonderful husband

Carter woke up and told me "Daddy is happy." I asked him why daddy is happy. He said "Because he loves mommy."

I went to a church activity last night for the women. David's phone was ringing when I left, and I didn't really get a chance to say good-bye like I would have liked to. I felt pretty guilty about it - he always kisses me before he goes out the door, followed by an "I love you". After almost 8 years, I still get to hear it every day.

He apparently got off the phone in enough time to play ball with Carter and wash my car.

I love that he thinks of me like that. It was dark and cold, and he loves me enough to think about me and do something that he knew would make me really happy. I know it seems like a silly thing, but he knows how important keeping my car up is to me.

I also love the fact that he loves me enough to make sure Carter knows he loves me. Except on Christmas night when Carter tried to kiss me like daddy kisses me. That was not cool.

"The one called Mariah" - Aunt Donna

Aunt Donna named the car Mariah - it was hers before. I believe she got it from this poem Question the Wind.

Thanks Aunt Donna.

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