Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Operation Toddler Bed Fail

He went down great last night! But I spoke too soon. This morning at 4:00 AM I heard "Mommy, Daddy, I'm awake!" Then I heard the front door swing wide open, followed by the screen door. David jumped out of bed in time to corral our toddler back in the house and put him back in his room - in his crib. It was a very rude awakening. Just yesterday I was telling David that we needed to put some sort of alternate lock on our front door - since we knew Carter could get out on his own. He has never been unattended in the house for it to be an issue. Apparently I have found a time when I cannot be watching my child well enough.

Since we were on the subject of the front door. I have been doing some remodeling. Well, painting. We tiled over the funky linoleum a little while ago, but the pink trim was still off, and it looked horrible. I finally convinced David to put some trim up. The pink door was a little much for me, and the scratch marks on the paint really bothered me. I got a few comments about how my dogs are destructive. My dogs don't scratch at doors. What bothers me about the scratch marks is not the comments I get about them, it is the people that think my dogs did it and don't say anything. I don't get a chance to correct them. Then, they leave thinking I have destructive dogs.

Without the trim:

Do you like the green? It was the color I had. I think it goes well together. David thinks green and purple are a horrible combo. He couldn't think of anything better, and says that as long as I like it, he doesn't care. I can paint over it if I get a better idea. It was better than pink.

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  1. I like it. But the wall looks blue on my screen, so my opinion may not be trustworthy. Carter doesn't try to walk outside during the day does he? It was good that you heard him. Such an honest kid.