Monday, October 31, 2011


One of Carter's grandmothers made Carter this blanket, unless you've been in his room you will not have seen it. I don't let out of his room because we don't want it to get ruined or damaged.

I know that some people don't know what happens to their stuff when they give it to someone and they get a little paranoid that their gift is in vain. It may just be the case that they cherish it so much, they take great care of it.

Anyways, Carter and I were talking about animals, and I didn't know he knew Zebra.

Carter is definitely 2, can you tell with the "No I don't"?

This quilt was made by Carter's Great-Grandmother. He loves to point out the shapes. I will come in and see that is naming the animals and shapes on their bodies.

This quilt is the perfect size for his toddler bed. Although he is not sleeping in it yet, he plays in it all the time. My mother made this quilt, a raggy-flannel quilt with "I love to see the temple" fabric. (Really fitting since Carter seems to really enjoy seeing pictures of the temple, and our most recent trip there on Saturday. I'll post about that later.) Usually the bed is filled with the fabric books my mother made for Carter. He has to have 3 or 4 in bed with him every night. I think it gives him something to do in the morning quietly before I get him up. 

A good friend of mine just passed away and at her funeral were many of her crafts and creations. When they talked in the service of how she loved to make gifts for people, I had to smile and think of the blanket she made for Carter while I was in the hospital. It meant so much to me then, but it is that much more special now.

We have so many other blankets that we love that our friends and family have given us. I am so sentimental I couldn't bear to part with them. It was too hot to use them during the summer months, but now that it is chilly at night, I am remembering all of the wonderful people in our lives that put so much time and effort into a blanket or other item for Carter and our family.

On that same note, David and I still use the quilts that we were given for our wedding on our bed - almost 8 years later. Including one that David's grandmother made, and one that my friend Penny Douglas made.

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