Tuesday, May 15, 2012

8 Years!

8 years ago today, David and I were married in the Seattle temple.

Wow, how time flies. Some years have certainly dragged on, but others flew by - just being honest here.

We celebrated our anniversary with doctor's appointments.

We got up REALLY EARLY so we could stop by David's classroom and drop off something for his sub before our appointment at the children's hospital. We were there testing for an hour before they came out and told us that something was wrong, and they couldn't do the test. They did the pre-test twice to confirm, then they had to call our doctor before they felt comfortable giving us any news. David took the day off to help with this appointment, and it looks like we will be going back for some abdominal X-Rays in the next day or so. I think I can do those visits by myself. David took today off because most of the work is entertaining Carter in between tests. We are really excited that our doctor is acting quickly so we can figure out what is going on with Carter. He has really been a trooper this week.

We had another appointment scheduled for me, and found ourselves with time to kill since Carter's appointment was cut short. We went to the Children's Museum for a few hours. He really enjoyed himself, and we ran into a friend from one of our playgroups closer to home (Our friend climbed into the "river" area where the kids reach in and play with the current. He was soaked from head to toe, it was quite funny!)

Then it was off to my doctor's appointment. I went to check in at the desk, and discovered that I had come to the wrong office. David, Carter, & I ran back to the car - luckily not there long enough to be charged for parking - and drove to the other location. I remember now making it there because it was closer to home. Ha Ha Ha. Joke is on me.

David came with me to this appointment because we were pretty sure that I had contracted sperm poisoning again. David let me know that this was the last time he was going to let this happen. I willingly agreed. We have been trying for over a year and a half, and I know that the Lord knows better what I can handle than I do. He knows, just as well as I do, that I wouldn't not have survived two too close together. (Let alone the possibility of 3 boys, or being so sick again!) If I didn't know that it was an STD, I would say there is something in the water. I have seen a great deal of women I know who are also pregnant. Heck, there were two midwives pregnant at the office today.

We didn't hear a heartbeat - but didn't with Carter either, except in ultrasound. The midwife said that I would need to see an OB for my appointments. I guess I am relatively high risk. That means extra tests each month, and I can't see a midwife like I had with Carter. David pointed out that I would not have seen my midwife anyways, because she was definitely due before I am.

We stopped by Carter's doctor after my appointment and discussed our options. Then we went home and Carter took his nap.

After that, Carter and I saw the Chiropractor where they discussed taking some X-Rays there to see how they could help things flow a little better.

We could not get Carter to eat lunch or dinner. He fought it and cried. We were planning on going out for our anniversary anyways, so we brought him along and he ate beans and rice. He gobbled it up! I was just glad I got something in him semi-healthy for the day.

Whew, next year we will not be so busy. We will try to relax and enjoy it!

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