Saturday, May 5, 2012


Summer is coming, and Carter is getting good use out of the lawn mower he got for his birthday last year.

He is starting to say some pretty funny stuff. He will describe something as "Super Hilarious" while laughing. He loves to read me the comics. He wants me to talk into a telescoping flashlight like it was the microphone at church.

He can sing EVERY WORD of this song:

He wants me to play it all the time. He thinks it is pretty cool that the guy in the song is growing a garden in the backyard by the fence just like we are.

I didn't know that they made a second:

And apparently a third!:

We haven't gotten to the second or third yet. We probably won't. They are pretty heavy for a 2 year old.

On a side note on summer, Vortex has decided that we are pals even if Carter is around. I guess he missed me while we were in Whistler.
Vortex tries to avoid Carter at all cost. Carter throws balls at him and LOVES to chase him. I am very strict when it comes to terrorizing the dogs - because one day they will bite back. We have been pretty lucky. Carter has even fallen on Vortex and Blu while they were safe in their beds, and they have not so much as growled at him.
But, lately Vortex doesn't care. If I leave the room, he leaves with me. If Carter comes in, so what. He follows me around and then plops down wherever he can. It is pretty tiring, so I don't blame him for trying to nap. Poor dog, I guess I don't give him enough love now that I have Carter to chase after.

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