Thursday, May 31, 2012

Funny Boy

David has a project in the driveway. Carter went down in the driveway where David was working inside the car. He went in the garage, grabbed this cardboard box, slid it under the car, then laid down on top of it. Carter wants to be just like Daddy.

Carter built a "temple" with Duplo Legos. I think it is pretty creative.

Carter and I go to a restaraunt that does a story/craft time once a month. They do an awesome job. This month I ordered Carter a fruit bowl to snack on. He took a bite into all of them and handed me the cantelopes. As he did, he says to me "I can't eat this." When I asked him why he responded "It is not gluten-free". I try really hard not to focus on what he cannot eat, but what he CAN eat. Apparently he is quite observant.

For Memorial Day, I thought it would be a good idea to go to the cemetery to clean the graves of David's family, many of whom served in the military. Unfortunately, David got called to help someone whose car had broken down and we didn't make it. Later in the week, after story time, we stopped by the cemetery to visit anyways. Carter helped me clean their gravestones. We didn't get to do a great job because Carter got bored and began to play baseball - using gravestones as bases, and a stick as a bat. I decided it would be more respectful to leave at that point than try to continue with my goal.

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