Saturday, May 5, 2012

Easter in Whistler

David and I have almost always spent Easter together - just us - as a family. This year we went to Whistler, B.C..

We found a local congregation through our church and tried to keep the Sabbath Day as best we could. We usually make it a point to attend church while we are on vacation. Sometimes I think it would be more fun if our church wasn't the same everywhere - it would make it a little more memorable. I remember the struggle it is to find some of these buildings - like when we went to Tennessee and there was only one building for MILES, or our trips to Ocean Shores and Lincoln City where the buildings were not as close to the water as we thought - but not really the service because  it was like every other service with a different message. However, the feeling is the same. And, there is quite a bit of comfort when we walk into a building we have never been in before and can immediately find the bathroom or the drinking fountain. I am especially grateful that the church is the same everywhere because our 2 year old knew exactly what to do. He was calm and reverent, and after the main service he ran off to find his class. He wasn't afraid of anybody there, even the ones who tried to shake his hand. It was just like any other Sunday to him. We dressed down a little more than normal. David wore a nice shirt, but no tie. Carter did not like that. He was upset at Daddy because he wasn't wearing a tie in the church, and he was resistant to me putting his khaki pants on instead of the polyester suit pants he usually wears.

We got to our resort/hotel and were too early to check in. So we went to the park. I did some research ahead of time and had our week all planned out, including where the playground was. We spent more time there than any other place!

Carter conquered his fear of climbing the rope ladders:

He mastered the art of driving a ferry, with Daddy as his co-pilot:

He even went up this really cool stair thing that was just logs sticking up. They were all different heights, and the only thing to hold onto was this orange rail. He was really hesitant, but with enough prodding and lots of watching the other kids, he gained the confidence to do it by himself.

We found some snowmobiles to play on. Then we went up the gondola as far as they went before they kicked all the skiers off. Carter was not real fond of the snow, or the gondola ride. But, David and I sure enjoyed it. Carter thought all the guys on snowboards were skateboarding down the hill! 

We had our Easter Egg hunt on Monday. David bought eggs at the dollar store that were colored like balls. He really liked that.

Finding the eggs that were REALLY hidden, was still tough for him. As you can tell:

We had so much fun. Carter did so well with his pottying!! He went the entire time with not one single accident!! He took naps in the car and stayed dry. He was so good about it. We got home, and about 2 hours later, he wet himself. I have no idea what happened. He is very good about holding it when we are out. He has NEVER had an accident at church.

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