Saturday, May 5, 2012

No more bouncy house fear!!

You may remember our horrible fear of the Bouncy House. He cried for MONTHS every time we asked him if he wanted to try it again. NO GO. Last month we went to a birthday party for one of his friends. He is the same age as her little sister, but I would consider her his friend. She had it at the place where she takes gymnastics classes.

I saw it when we walked in - not inflated yet - and dreaded the time when they did - thinking that I would have to sit out with a crying child while the other kids played. This was bigger and more ominous than anything they had at the bouncy house warehouse! It had an obstacle course and two large slides. You had to crawl through tunnels and wiggle through a mini maze. I thought up all the ways that I could explain how fun it was.

They inflated it and I encouraged him to sit with all the other kids to hear the rules. Nope. He wouldn't sit, he had to run right to it and jump in before it was time. I couldn't get him out when it was time for presents!!!

He couldn't quite do it himself and the birthday girl personally walked him through it - hoisting him up the climbing parts.

 But once with her was all it took and he was doing it himself. He knew right where to put his feet and grab with his hands! So proud of him overcoming his fear of the bouncy house!

He even jumped on the trampoline and went down the slide into the foam pit!

Sorry for the catch-up. David got all my pictures back on the computer and I am making up for lost time.

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