Saturday, May 5, 2012


Carter's head fuzz has begun to stand up like peacock feathers. There is not much I can do about it. He looks ridiculous with gel on his "hair", and cutting it is not going to do anything. I think it is really cute. It won't be long before it gets too heavy to stand straight up.

Even though Carter is still rear-facing in his car seat, he is very observant of what I do while driving! I have never put on my sunglasses in front of him. I keep them in the center console and don't ever put them on until he is already strapped in. Last night we watched Carter climb in the front seat, open up the center console, pull out my case like he knew EXACTLY what he was doing, put my glasses on, and began to "drive" my car. Then he grabbed my GPS out of its hiding place and  started moving his finger on the screen. Sometimes I forget where I put it!

A couple nights ago Carter got out of bed at 2 AM. Luckily it is a rarity. He was knocking at our door. I went to answer it and found that he had EVERY light in the house on, some lights I know he can't reach without a chair or a stool. He was knocking on the door asking if we could read scriptures. Really? You want me to pull out my Bible at 2 AM? Sorry kiddo. No go. He was begging to read scriptures. He cried all the way back to bed that he wanted me to read scriptures to him. I am just grateful that I keep my Seminary/Institute set (the set I used for my religious classes in high school and college, and have all my notes and references in) in my room by the nightstand. Thankfully, he didn't know that I keep my personal set that is at least 20 years old between the couch and the end table where I started keeping it so I could have it handy while I nursed him as a newborn. Otherwise, he would have taken matters into his own hands.

I caught him doing this. He laid down and pulled the car over his legs. He then began to beat on his with various tools he had brought out to the back deck! He said he was fixing the bumper "because it has dirty on it". Just like Daddy I guess.

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