Sunday, February 26, 2012

3rd day in underwear!

Carter woke up with a dry diaper this morning. He was up at 2 AM & at 7:30 AM needing to use the toilet. He got up and went, and didn't get a drop in his diaper. I was not expecting him to wake up for that. The child that can sleep through David pressure washing the house next to his bed during a nap!

He tackled church today in underwear!!! Carter excused himself 7 times in the first 2 hours. He was successful every time. Each time returning with a "I did my potties!" Very loudly. For the third hour, he only had to go once. It may have had something to do with the fact that snack comes the third hour. Hmmmmm. As his bladder grows and as I learn his limits, I will be asking him to hold it longer. He alerts us well in advance of any emergency.

I did feel very bad for Carter's success, however. There was a little girl in his class that is also potty training, and she didn't make it. She didn't even get to tell them. They couldn't find her mom either, so she had to sit in her own wetness until mom was found. Carter would come back very proud of himself, and she was so sad.

On another note, we have FINALLY reached an agreement to sit on the toilet when pooping (I thought we had yesterday, but I was wrong). Poor David had Carter in the men's room while we were at a wedding reception last night and had to clean up a big mess. I was called in to assist, and it was NO FUN. I thought it was bad at home. It was worse in a public restroom.

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