Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Grandmas & our Big Boy progress

 Carter has a soft spot for little old ladies. Maybe it is because he really enjoys his visits with his Great-Grandma Bobbie, and we haven't been able to visit her in a couple weeks.

We were at a restaraunt last month and he invited himself to lunch with these ladies. They loved him. He climbed in and started talking to them.

Today at the library he walked over to this lady sitting on the bench, climbed up next to her and started reading the Llama Llama book. He told her all about his friends and where we were going next.

It is so nice to see these ladies' faces when he sits down with them. They just love him.

Since I don't want to make ALL of my post primarily about our use of the potty, I will just attach our latest update on the bottom.

Carter used the bathroom all by his self today. I was in his room arranging clothes when he said he had to go. I watched him walk in the bathroom, take down his pants and underwear, push the stool up to the toilet (He is not tall enough to reach from the floor), stand on it, pee, dab the last drop off himself with a square of toilet paper, clean the toilet, move the stool to the sink, wash his hands, and dry them! I don't remember if he put the lid down, but I know he lists it in our bathroom checklist.

That all happened shortly after we got back from our very first outing without a diaper. Yes, we left the house in our big boy underwear!! We were only gone for an hour, but it was an outing none-the-less. We went to visit our newest friend Baby Freddie. Carter just loves Baby Freddie, and we plan on seeing a lot of him. Carter has a lot of confidence using the bathroom at Freddie's house, so I figured it was a safe place to go.

However, Carter has a lot of confidence using the bathroom ANYWHERE. If there is a public restroom, he wants to pee in it. He even told me today, in the middle of library story time, that he had to go. We got up and went. It is really nice to see him take these steps in the right direction. He is not waiting until the last minute - he is telling me the second he realizes it. That is half the battle with potty training - getting them to stop what they're doing when they feel the urge and not waiting until it is too late. Yay Carter!!!

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