Friday, February 24, 2012

Don't I love those pictureless posts!!

Today was our first day without a diaper. Carter hasn't had a bowel movement since Tuesday morning. I went in my room to get something. Carter felt the urge to go. he went in to take care of it himself. Despite my urgings earlier in the day to sit (and the 10 minutes we spent reading on the toilet hoping to induce a bowel movement), he stood. He stood on his stool in front of the toilet and pushed those turds out onto the floor behind him. He then attempted to wipe himself, and wipe the floor. He stepped off the stool and slipped in his pile. He left the bathroom and went to find me. Covered in his own poop, with his pants at his ankles, he led me to the bathroom where the mess began. I could have followed the trail myself. I still can't laugh about it. It would have been humorous without his relentless desire to be with me while I cleaned and his continuing to soil his self in the process.
I love him, but today is hard.

I still consider this a success in his toilet skills. He identified the urge to go, and he was in the right place at the right time.

And I'll have you know, that although there was poop all over his pants, socks, shoes, ect. . . There was not a spec of poop on his underwear!

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  1. Yuck that does sound hard! I doubt he'll forget again though. Remind me to tell you about Patrick and the poop story that happened at the Dr on Wednesday.