Monday, February 6, 2012

"Yay!! You did it!!!"

Carter is very complimentary. He gets really excited when someone else makes a basket in the hoop, or pees in the potty. Here are a couple pictures of him congratulating me on throwing a tennis ball in a basket:

He has become interested in taking pictures. David gave him our Kodak digital camera to work with. He loves it. He is also very careful with it.

Lydia moved. It happened very quickly. Carter's best girlfriend is gone. We talked a lot about why she moved and where she went. Her dada got a new job. Carter keeps asking me if his daddy got a new job too. I told him that he hasn't yet, so we're staying right here for now.

He was playing hide and seek with his toes. He pulled them up in his pant legs and asked me where they went. I told him I didn't know. He replied "They got a new job". That is what happens when things go away - apparently - they get new jobs.

Blu had a birthday. She turned 6. We had a party. We all wore "Blue's Clues" hats. Carter had a lot of fun.

Blu did not.

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  1. So sad that Lydia moved.I suppose that this will prep him for heartbreak later in life.