Monday, February 6, 2012

Just Like Daddy

With the snow came the power outage. We were out of power for about 30 hours. Not a big deal. We have a wood stove. We have never used it, in just over 4 years of living in this house. David checked it, and hooked it all up. We took it out to tile underneath it, and never put it back together.

While Daddy was working on it, Carter saw an opportunity to be just like Daddy. I thought it was so cute. Unfortunately, he thinks it still needs worked on. No problem when it is cold, but not a great idea when it is hot.

Carter has been getting in to baseball more and more. He really loves anything with a ball. Great-Grandma Bobbie got him a mitt - which he loves. However, Carter is left handed and most mitts out there are for right handed players. I didn't realize that it would be an issue, but he is trying to throw with the mitt. We decided that we needed to teach him correctly from the start, so David ordered him a left hander's mitt. He is still adjusting.

Carter is trying to be more independent. He tells me "No, you don't want to help me". Sometimes he likes to help pick out his own clothes. The other day, he decided midway through the day that he wanted to wear his football shirt instead of his airplane shirt:

He did it mostly by himself. He needed a little help finding the arm holes, but he did it all by himself after that.

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  1. Carter is left handed? Super cool! How come I didn't know about this?