Monday, February 20, 2012

Every Single TOY!!!

I have again found EVERY SINGLE TOY!! It is the OCD in me. We were missing this little green ball for the ball popper, the green cap on the contact lens case (he loves to twist caps on and off - thank you Chandra for the idea), and the smallest cup in our stacking cup set. I was hoping we'd find them all when the power was out - because we had so much time. However, you have to have REALLY GOOD lighting to find the small toys that have been hiding in the best hiding spots in the house!!

When we go for drives Carter is always on the lookout for "The farm where the animals live". Every time he sees a pasture with horses, he gets really excited. Today he found many. I asked him what animals live on the farm. Horses, Sheep, Birdies, & Moose.

Background: I got this lovely farm from a coworker, minus the animals. I have been piecing it together ever since. We were without cows for a long time. Thanks to Chandra who found them at a garage sale, they are with us now. We were instead using moose. After all, a female moose is called a cow. It made sense in my head. I had bought a set of animals that I belived to be from the farm at a thrift store. I was mistaken. It was a partial Noah's ark set, with horses. Which is where I got the moose, and the weird blue bird who is standing in for our chicken (I just left the Zebra out completely). The dog is from the car wash set. He is holding a scrub brush. It makes sense because my dogs are always willing to help wash my car. If your dogs aren't - they don't love you enough, lousy dogs.

So, because of my thriftiness, my son thinks moose and weird blue birds live on farms.


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