Friday, August 5, 2011

The baby blue velour track suit

The poison control man said to keep Carter hydrated. So I did. In the space of 1 hour, he drank 3 sippie cups full of watered down Gatorade.

His bowels opened up with the Chest Rub for sure. I haven't had that much nastiness since before we started the Gluten-Free. Carter had a sandwich the other day without Gluten-Free bread and the SAND IS BACK! Wow, is it awful. It is almost worth keeping him on a Gluten-Free diet to keep the sand away. We went to a kids consignment sale. I changed a dirty diaper right before we left. By the time we got there, he had pooped all the way down his legs and up his back. Luckily, I had an extra outfit. Every prepared mother should right? I normally have 2 - not today. It only happens when you're not ready for it.

I threw every stitch of clothing he was wearing in a plastic bag and put a new outfit on. Within the hour, he peed right through the outfit he was wearing. I was out of clothes. But Lydia wasn't. She had a baby blue velour track suit in her bag (unfortunately, no onesie). It is a little small.

Looks so redneck right?

Put a bow in his hair fuzz, and you'd never know he was a little boy right? Except the ball obsession.

Unfortunately, on the car ride home (about 20 minutes) he peed through the track suit. I pulled him out of the car seat wet. He noticed and said "Wet Wet" all the way to the changing table. He got a new outfit and wore that for the remaining hours of the day.

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