Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tickle Tickle

Today Carter and Lydia were playing "Read, Set, Go". A little game that Carter likes to play. He tries to goat EVERYBODY into playing, even the dogs. It is a lot like "Chase", except you are playing with everyone else instead of against everyone else. I like it. I like that he tries to include everyone. "Chase" can get kind of mean. I always see kids crying because everyone is running away from them and they don't know why.

ANYWAYS. He was playing this with Lydia. They start with their backs to the wall/door/fridge/air/whatever and Carter says "SetGo" and they run. Lydia ran into the door, and Carter ran into her. She fell down, and Carter probably stepped on her. He didn't notice and kept on running. She laid there and cried. I called Carter over to explain what happened and ask him to say he was sorry. Lydia's mom was holding her to calm her down. Carter came over and did something I had never seen him do before.

"Tickle Tickle"

He reached out for her and pretended to tickle her while saying "tickle tickle"!

Where do they get these things?

She pulled herself in and yelled at him. She did not want to be tickled. But, she forgot about crying. That was the end of that. They ran off and played again.

What is a post without pictures, right?

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