Thursday, August 11, 2011

Splash Park

Today for playgroup we went to the splash park. For those of you who don't know, a splash park is a an area in a park with sprinklers that come out of the ground. Some parks are really elaborate with wet toys to climb on, and some just have water that shoots out of the ground randomly. 

This is the first time Carter has actually gotten into the water and played. We have been to 2 other splash parks, and he has been afraid of the water. Today, he really got into it.

This picture is really cute because he is sticking out his tongue:

We went to the playground, and saw a squirrel. Carter walked right up to him. This squirrel is about 5 feet away and staring right at Carter. I called him back at this point because the squirrel was just a little too brave:

I took this picture today. I COULD NOT GET HIM TO LOOK AT ME!! So, I settled for this shot. I don't edit many of my photos. When I do, it is really obvious - like making them Black & White or Sepia. This is the first time I have experimented with Photo Shop.

 Which one do you like best?

Full Sepia:

Eyes in color:

Eyes with other blue accents in color:

Or just the original?

On a side note, Carter pointed out that he has helicopters on his shirt, not airplanes today. They are not very well outlined , more like silhouettes of helicopters.

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