Friday, August 26, 2011


As I mentioned before I have been babysitting the "girls" down the street. They are almost a full year older than Carter. He LOVES them!! He can tell me who is who, and on days when I don't have them, he begs to play with them. We walk by their house and he gets really excited. "Girls Girls!!!" Then he talks about them individually. I don't know what he is saying yet, but hopefully soon it will make sense.

Things were a little too quiet on Wednesday. I found them down the hall. They had all carried a stool and put them in a circle. They were "eating" train tracks. It was soooooo cute. Carter got up off his stool and said "Out Mommy, Out". He got up and pushed me all the way down the hallway.
He's not even a teenager yet!!!!

I took these pictures on Thursday:

It was really cute - they were all looking out the window, so I went out to take a picture of the three of them. This is what I found!! Carter is smooshing his face up against the glass, then licking it.

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