Monday, August 15, 2011


The last 2 Sundays Carter has pulled his diaper changing pad out of his diaper bag and said - very loudly - "Poo Poos! I have Poo Poos!!". Then, he proceeds to lay on the pad on the floor and say it over and over again. He does not need his diaper changed. At least he is not asking to go out to be changed.

Usually on Sunday Carter will have something he wants to do that he wants to share with everyone. Some Sundays it is prayers, and some it is high-5. He will go to everyone that he can reach - or that can reach him - and try to give them a high-5 or pray with him. Yesterday it was kisses. He wanted everyone within reach to kiss him. That was fine for mommy & daddy - but the 13 & 15 year old boys behind us did NOT want to kiss him.

In nursery, Carter shared quite a few kisses with a girl named Caroline who is about a year older than him. She has always loved to rub his head and be with him. Lately, they have been kissing. A few weeks ago we did not get to church early enough to sit in our normal pew. We sat behind Caroline and her family. She leaned over the bench in front of us and kissed Carter multiple times. So cute.

He is starting to sing the ABC song. Mostly he can only remember the end "Now I've sung my ABCs, Next time won't you sing with me?". It is so cute to hear him try to say all the words together, let alone how he pronounces them!

Now for the pictures:

Carter playing on his counting phone.

Carter discovered bubble wrap.

Carter found the Toys-R-Us catalog that came in the mail and had to peruse it before I could get him dressed.

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