Friday, August 5, 2011

What my child does while I blog

I made my last blog post, and realized that my child was too quiet. I went out to find this:

I had a brand new tub of generic Vicks Vapo-Rub that I had taken from him earlier and put out of his reach. Or so I thought. He spread it all over the couch, the floor, himself, and the table. I didn't know he was eating it until I started the video. Grrrrr. I ask him what it is, he says "Honey". Just goes to show, he has never actually had honey. Honey can't be THAT gross. The camera just cannot capture the grossness of the oil all over his face and hands!! And that noise you hear while he is putting it in his mouth is me gagging.

Does anyone know if this is Gluten-Free?

Just kidding. The poison control guy said that because I had the generic Vapo-Rub, Carter won't go into seizures. Yay for saving money and my child's life at the same time!!

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