Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quirky Kid

Carter is so much smarter than I am!!
I wondered why things were so quiet. I walked out into the living room and saw him watching "Baby Carter"

I've been babysitting twins the last couple months, and it is really hard to feed all three of them at once. Carter is just too short to reach his plate at the big table. I set him up because he was begging to eat. He made his own booster seat. . . out of a basketball. He is so clever.

If you have ever worked or lived with me - or your name is Sister Bryan - you know how much I love to read the paper. There is just something about the newspaper in my hand that I really enjoy.

I have apparently passed that on to my son.

Except, he is reading the sports page looking for balls & high-5s.

He loves our truck. He came to me begging "Truck Please, Truck Please!!!"

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