Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Recess Monkey

Today, Carter and I went to the library for story time. We heard "Clifford, The Big Red Dog" from a librarian with a thick southern accent. It was fun. Carter didn't care. Until the big scary dog came out. He was petrified. Almost all of the kids lined up to get their picture taken with Clifford. I love this stage where he will tell me what he wants and doesn't want. I asked him if he wanted to sit with Clifford. "No" (and adamant head shaking). So we watched all the kids sit on Clifford's lap, we grabbed the Clifford mask craft, and we headed off to the concert.

(Insert story about the disaster in the bathroom where my child crawled from my stall into the stall next to us and then twice out into the general bathroom area, yelling at the woman changing her baby that he had poo poos and she needed to change him, playing in the toilet, and the giant spider on the wall)

Recess Monkey is a group of three male teachers who tour the library system during the summer singing fun songs about having a vacuum on your back that flies you around like a rocket, and riding on a roller coaster. When we first got there, Carter remembered that we saw Caspar Babypants at that same spot and asked if we were going to hear "Googly Eyes". The kid has a memory like an elephant!

He was not so sure at first. Too much noise and too much going on around him. 

Then, he saw something in the air.

Hard to tell (Even though my camera is zoomed in as far as it would go!), but he correctly identified it as a helicopter!!

Then, he started getting into it. He was putting his hands in the air and down in his lap at appropriate times.

 Then he asked to get out of the stroller. He promptly took this chair over as his own. If you notice, his hand is in the cup holder - he thinks it is a basketball hoop. How cool, a chair with its own basketball hoop!!

Then he got up and danced: 

From 420 feet away, across the street and through the parking lot, we could faintly hear the music from the stands on our way out. They played songs from other artists while people packed up and left. He could hear the Caspar Babypants song "Nine Ninety Nine", and he correctly identified it:

If you listen very carefully in the beginning, you can hear the music.

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