Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What to do on a hot day?

Carter can do a couple of new things this week!

First, he put two and sometimes three words together on his own. He has never been able to put two words together when prompted, but today he said "Banana Please" when I asked him to. It took multiple tries, but he did it.

He noticed two guys giving a high-5 on the cover of the newspaper. He was so excited that he wanted to give me a high-5 too.

He is starting to sing actual songs. I caught this on video today. Sorry it is so bright. I had the camera on the wrong setting, and it washed everything out.

We are having a rough day. You know those days where your child is into EVERYTHING!?! While you are busy cleaning up the last mess, he is making a fresh one? Things were going great, and he started to get a little antsy. He was getting into things that he knew he wasn't supposed to. I told him we were going to take a walk. I bring the dogs inside, and send them to their room while Carter goes outside to get his bike. He is distracted by the water. I pull him out of the water table splashing away, and while I am putting my shoes on - he decides to play in dog poop. I take him in to clean him off. He is reaching for EVERYTHING. I tell him to stop touching things. So what does he do? Not 5 seconds after I say that, he grabs my white door and smears poop on it. I get him into the bathroom and wash his hands. I cannot get the poop out of his fingernails, so I grab the clippers to trim them down to nothing. While I am clipping one hand, the other has reached behind his back and is scraping inside my toothpaste. I look up to see toothpaste smeared all over his face!!!!!

He has worn 3 onesies today because of bowel issues leaking onto the onesie.

I tried to lay him down for a nap so I could think. (And update my blog so I could tell you how cute and smart he is instead of thinking about how frustrated I am) He talked for most of the time. 15 minutes after he stopped talking, the neighbor comes home and the dogs freaked out. BARK BARK BARK BARK. Carter then wakes up and starts calling for me. NO NAP Wednesday. Grrrrrrrr.

So, here is my attempt at remembering all the fun things we did last week:

He can't go anywhere without his basketballs. He put them both on the seat of his car and got in:

I love his tongue in this one:

We went to the park and he played hula hoops with his friend Audrey:

But, all he wanted to do was watch the basketball hoops at the school across the street:

Until he found another kid's football. Then all he wanted to do was watch the basketball hoops with the football.

We set up the sprinkler in the front yard:

He is yelling "WATER!":

 He is very into Subaru's right now. He was crying that he wanted to color a Subaru. So, I printed one off for him. He was very excited about it, and only wanted to color in green. (I think that is because it is the only color he knows).

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