Saturday, October 2, 2010

Domestic Partner Socks

Carter was helping me with the laundry today. We were sorting whites. He LOVES his burp cloths. He doesn't care if I'm wiping his nose - as long as it is with one of these. He will stop crying when he sees one coming - no matter the reason.

So, I was mating socks and explaining to Carter that when two socks are married they like to cozy up to each other in the drawer. I showed him how they go. David interrupted me to say that our socks cannot be married the way I "mate" them because I am putting two boy socks together and two girl socks together. If they were truly to be married, I would need to put one of mine with one of his - and that just would not be convenient. Therefore, our socks were not married. We determined that they are in domestic partnerships. So there you have it: in our house, our socks are living in domestic partnerships for our convenience.

He thinks something is super funny in this picture:

He left it on until I took it off. He is so funny.

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