Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Due Date

Carter would be a year old today. We went to the park with our playgroup. It was not a park for little kids. It was fun, with lots of grass - but none of the kids could play on the toys very well. There were no slides, and no swings. It was all balancing and climbing toys. There was this HUGE rope thing. It was an octogon (kind of like the old steel ones at a lot of really old playgrounds), and you could climb very high. Carter grabbed one of the ropes and would not let go. I let him hang like a monkey for a while before setting him in the center. It was kind of like a basket or the kids that fell:

This is his "Buck-Tooth buddy with the Buck-Tooth Dinosoar Shirt" picture. The dinosaur has buck teeth, and so does he. We are just missing the googly eyes.

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  1. Thank goodness - you don't want your kid to have googly eyes!