Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pasta Stars

One of our babysitters gave us some Gerber vegetable/pasta/chicken meals. We tried them out. Carter LOVES them. They are on sale for $1 at Fred Meyer right now. I decided to try to make my own. I did, and Carter won't eat it. But, it is really yummy. I figured I'd post my recipe:

6 oz pasta stars (they came in a 12 oz box, I used half the box)

12 oz peas & carrots (12 oz bag from the frozen section),

16 oz low sodium chicken broth a (I used half the 32 oz box)

15 oz corn (from the can, drained)

2 boneless skinless chicken breasts (3 for a meatier meal)

Flour - to desired thickness

Boil the stars according to the directions on the package, and then some. You want them to be complete mush!! Cook chicken breasts thoroughly then chop into teenie tiny pieces, set aside. Heat broth up in a pan and add flour until you reach your desired thickness - you want it to hold your concoction together. When pasta is tender, drain and pour back into pan. Then add vegetables & broth. Heat until warm all the way through.

Makes 9 servings of 6 oz each. I filled 4 ice cube trays, and poured one serving in a dish. Since my tray holds .75 oz per cube, I figure a tray is 2 servings (by Gerber's standard of 6 oz.). However, I usually only use 4 cubes of fruit or vegetables that I make. I popped the ice cubes out when they were frozen and saved them in baggies to use at my discression depending on how hungry he is that day.

By my calculations, I spent $ .50 per serving. I could cut that down by using what we already have from the cannery, and using rice instead of pasta stars.

****UPDATE**** Carter will not eat it at this thickness. I have to mix it with Yam mush. I recommend mixing in some mushed up Yams or other mush to get it to go down easier.

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