Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grading Papers

So, this post is not about the baby. If you want to read about him, skip this one.

I help David as much as I can because he takes on so much extra work so I can be home more with the baby. Sometimes I wonder if he would be better suited for stay-at-home-daddy-hood. Then I remember that he chose to be the working one when he decided not to support me through pharmacy school. Then I don't feel so bad.

Anyways, I try to grade his papers. I took auto shop . . . a LONG time ago. I need help on the vocabulary words, but I manage pretty well. I enjoy it because I get a good laugh. Some of these kids are hilarious. I don't know if it is because of their lack of knowledge, or the fact that they just don't care. Here are some stundentisms from their homework (spelling errors are theirs):
  • Contamination: When fluids get contomineted
  • Contamination: Where chemeicals are mixed in a bad way.
  • Capacity: The amount you want to put in something.
  • UTI - Universal Technical Group (It is supposed to be Institute)
  • UTI - Universal Technition Instituted
  • UTI - Uniseral Technacl Institution

I had multiple variations of how to spell Universal Technical Institute, and I even had one kid say that it was ITT Tech instead.

Sometimes I laugh at the "Things I Learned Today". The really funny ones happen when a student does something really stupid in class. I find myself asking David "how did _____ learn _____ on Friday?" or "What did you catch ______ doing on Thursday?" a lot.

In this group:

  • Wheels hurt when they smack my face
  • How not to take an air filter out
  • Learning about diff cars
  • Never remove the radiator cap when the cap is on. (huh? How do you get it off?)

The child that made the last entry copied it incorrectly from someone else's paper. I found the correct version on another paper while searching for this one to post here on my blog. The correct answer states that you should not remove the cap when the car is on. I would not have caught him cheating if I wasn't going to put it on here. As a result he got a zero, and the other kid got half credit for letting him cheat. I don't mess around with cheaters.

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