Monday, October 4, 2010


Carter is still mostly eating mush. He is not a fan of chunky foods. He ate a green bean for the first time today - not that I haven't tried before. He won't touch anything squishy or slimy, let alone put it in his mouth. He gives the greatest "sour" face (pictured below). I made applesauce this week and tried to not liquefy it. I thought I would feed him chunky bits. He has never spit anything out until now. He will usually choke down the bite I fed him, and then refuse any more. With the apple chunks he pushed them through his lips and held them there until I removed them. He is very polite about it. He can't eat peaches because he actually does vomit, he WILL NOT eat Broccoli, peas, or Green beans. I know that by this age he should be feeding himself. He is just not interested. He will self feed on Cheerios, and after weeks of trying he will now put a goldfish cracker in his mouth!! But gags on those little yogurt melts that the kids love. What a weird kid.

I was telling David about how he poo-poos the chunks of apples I tried to give him. His response: "Lisa, he poo-poos everything you give him."
Thanks for twisting my words David.

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  1. It took Drew a long time to get used to each new texture. Those are adorable pictures!