Friday, October 1, 2010

Our Little Drug Addict

Blu is not feeling well - she has constant ear infections. I was stressing out trying to find her ear medicine. It is an ointment in a tube, the tube is in a little box with the prescription label on it. I told David that I couldn't find it. When he came home from work he spent 15 minutes searching for it. He usually leaves all that stuff to me. Not wanting to discourage him from helping me, I didn't want to ask him why this was so important to him all the sudden. I approached the subject lightly.

He felt it was very important that we find the medicine so Carter didn't get into it. I reminded him that it was fairly safe from Carter getting it. David said that Carter could possibly chew through the box and the tube.

"Prescription drug abuse is very common in kids now a days - I see it at school all the time. We don't want our son starting so early."
Where does he come up with this stuff?
Vortex has never had a medical issue. He is a healthy little hairless doggy:

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  1. Go Dave! Preventing drug addiction from 12 mo. :)