Friday, October 15, 2010


Carter is still a pretty small guy. We went to playgroup last week and someone asked me what size he was wearing. When I checked, I realized that he was wearing a six month shirt - and it fit him great. This brand runs a little small. I bought this shirt at a consignment sale a couple weeks ago, it is 12 months. The white around the bottome is his under onezie, not a trim on the shirt. The sleeves, however are part of the shirt. Way too small. My goodness.


I have started cleaning the floor in the morning and letting the babies play on the hardwood. It has been going pretty well. I pull some toys and strew them about and they crawl around and explore. I don't let them play with small balls on the floor because those roll under the couch and are lost for a time; then they are covered in dust rabbits because they were covered and spit and rolled through a couple bunny compounds. Yuck. This time I left the toybox lid open and decided to let them pick their own toys for a change. I didn't take out the balls, however, thinking that the chances were so slim they would be chosen. I was wrong. Two balls were the ONLY toys Carter pulled. He was content with that - banging them together and throwing them. They are MIA right now, and I will have to move the couches to find them later.
This is Carter stuck in the toy box. I know I am a bad mom - I grabbed the camera before I grabbed the crying child. He is flailing his legs in the air. He kicked Lydia in the head after this picture. Then I had two crying babies. He was pretty upset. I think he was looking for more balls, because I don't see how he fell in so deep with the toys at that level. I guess he's just a little top heavy.

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