Monday, January 10, 2011


I'm a little behind with my postings, as you can tell.
David's mom got Carter a Santa hat for Christmas, among other things. I think the way it pushes his ears down, he really does look like a little elf.
We opened our presents at our house Christmas Eve, but Carter was asleep, so we had him open his Christmas morning. he got a Mickey mouse doll from Grandma Barb in Florida.

Santa brought him a remote control of his very own. He absolutely loves it.
Uncle Jordan & Aunt Caroline sent Carter a book that they recorded themselves reading. He was totally engrossed in it.
Christmas Day we spent at David's parent's home. He was very wiggly and even though this is Carter's second Christmas he is no more interested in unwrapping presents as he was last year. He just wanted to sit by the door, ring the dog's bell, and pull the phone books out of the shelf. Aaaaaahhhh to be a kid again.

Carter apparently stepped under the mistletoe on Christmas Eve. We spent Christmas Eve with my good friends - the Douglas Family. Chloe was very friendly with Carter. While we were there, he got a tool box from them with a power drill. Wouldn't you know it, I didn't get a single picture!

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