Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tupperware Graveyard & other pictures

Carter was in such a good mood tonight - despite not taking a good afternoon nap - I let him stay up an extra hour. I followed him around the house, letting him walk where ever he wanted. It was hard for me, because I wanted to keep him out of our bathroom, and parts of the kitchen. However, it was Carter directed play time. My only rule was - on your feet. Especially no crawling on my bathroom floor. Yuck.

So, in the last 20 minutes of his awake time he hit is head on:

- The kitchen garbage (It opens differently than the other cabinet doors - much faster - and he whacked himself in the face)

- The bathroom garbage (The lid folds in, and he went to rest his hand on top and his had fell in causing his head to fall with it, hitting the rim.)

- The wall (The new found laundry shoot in my bathroom folds in, and when he pushed in, his head went with it and he hit his head on the wall around the opening.)

- The doorway (He walked into the dog and lost his balance. I think she was too scared to move, thinking that if she held still he wouldn't bother her, he didn't bother her, but he also didn't change his course.)

- The base of the sink in the guest bathroom (It is a pedestal sink, and he is just too tall to walk under it.)

- The cupboard (He reached in to grab some Tupperware, and his arm went in further than his head - again being too tall.)

- The floor (He lost his balance and didn't quite catch his self. Although he is getting pretty good at not letting his head hit the floor.)

- The door (We are working on open and close, but not watch where it goes.)

- My nose (He banged me pretty hard with his head.)

And not a single tear was shed, or a noise other than "umph" was made!!!

Here he is looking for something to do. He went in the kitchen, in my room, into my bathroom, to the edge, and back. Over and over again.

How about the kitchen??

He carried the Tupperware containers around - usually dropping them and leaving them where they fell to go and grab another.

I really thought he was going to put this one in the garbage. Every child goes through a phase of putting things in the garbage right?

But he changed his course and opened the laundry shoot. I really thought it was going to go in. Nope. He surprised me. He brought three in the bathroom (one at a time), looked down the shoot, and kept going.

It was a Tupperware Graveyard at my house for sure.
These are his "I'm going to Home Depot with Daddy" clothes. We went to Home Depot to get a new toilet seat over the weekend. We found one with a built-in child seat. It stores in the lid for when an adult needs to sit. Up until now, I have only seen it in catalogs. Although we are far from potty training, we bought one for the spare bathroom - for Carter and because I babysit. I am pretty excited about it.

He is just now starting to play with balls. He was too impatient for daddy to throw it back. He had to go get it:

I love that tongue!!

And here too.

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  1. He looks so much older up on 2 feet--amazing how that works! I want a laundry shoot at my house so I can play with it. My dad had one growing up and he used to race his army men down. I think he usually lost :)