Thursday, January 27, 2011

Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes

I picked up Carter from Lydia's house on Wednesday and accidentally set off a toy that sings. "Head, Shoulders. . . . " it sang - and both babies immediately grabbed their heads. It was so cute. Lydia was eating, and Carter was on the floor attempting to grab food off her tray. Carter often times pats my shoulder like he is saying "There there mother, you should learn some patience. I'm trying to teach you as fast as I can." I think he may just be identifying my shoulder for the song. They both love that song. It has replaced "Wheels on the Bus", although that is still a much loved song for him - of which I have all 15 versus written down on the changing table - for those really long diaper changes. I need a list in my car for those really long car rides.

They love to feed each other. They swap snacks. Sometimes they hand each other food while both sitting in their high chairs. I have caught Carter taking food right out of her mouth. Today he tried to give me a piece of graham cracker via mouth-to-mouth because I wouldn't eat it from his fingers. He thought he was being sneaky by pretending to kiss me (as he normally does with his mouth wide open). Gross.

Carter loves his waffle blanket. He doesn't have to have it all the time; but if he sees it, he wants it. Especially when he is tired. He will grab it and go lay down. Today, he thought it would be funny to walk around with it over his head. He went full speed ahead with a blanket covering his face. He did fall into the door frame. How that happens, I'll never know. If there is something to hit, he will find it blind folded! He hit his face right on the corner of the door frame and DIDN'T EVEN CRY!!! He sat there for a few seconds, got right back up, and kept going. He hardly ever cries. Even when he hits really hard.

Carter loves his shapes. Especially the circles. I know I have shown you pictures of our alphabet puzzle missing the O and the Q. This is Lydia's puzzle:

He has a couple different shape toys and he plays with all of them regularly. One we bring to church, one stays in the playpen, and this one is in the toy box. You would think that would be excessive, apparently not for Carter. He pulled this one out of the toy box, put it on the table, emptied the shapes, closed it back up, and started putting them through - all on his own. I walked in the room to find him exactly like this, after I had already put it away because we put the shapes in the holes 3 times together. This is the only picture I took where he didn't have the circle in his hand. He saves that shape for last, and most of the time doesn't actually let go of it. He puts it in the hole and pulls it back out - "just kidding!" I know he's saying.

If any of you were curious about Carter's mobility - here it is. This is what we do all day long. Back and forth, back and forth. We go up and down the hallway. He has gotten pretty good about not bothering the dogs, so I can leave their door open. However, all the other doors I close.

Notice that red circle from the shape toy? He just won't put it down. He really likes the red circles - the red balls are his favorite as well.

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